Lavender Field & Farm Sessions - 2017 Recap

We had a BLAST during this year's season at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm!

Brian and I moved back to Northern Virginia in early May...just in time for lavender season! The field looked better than I've ever seen it and we had an amazing turnout for Field & Farm sessions.

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces alongside many that I met for the first time. We had sessions for every occasion - a first birthday, newlyweds, homecoming, solo portrait, graduations, maternity and some just-getting-the-family-together shoots :) I am so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph so many wonderful people in such a gorgeous location. It was so hard to choose the photos to highlight, but looking through them all made me so excited for June of 2018!

I hope these photos bring smiles to your faces :) See you next June!

- Seana

***Sign-up for Field & Farm sessions for June of 2018 will begin January 1st. :)

SM__5491 2.jpg

Kelly & Danielle - Senior Session

This was such a fun session!

Kelly and Danielle have known each other since fifth grade...and Kelly just so happens to be my cousin :) It is their senior year of high school, and they thought, where better to celebrate their upcoming graduation and take photos than their beautiful place of work, Cox Farms? The farm provided a perfect pre-fall, laid-back back drop for our session. We were a bit skeptical about constant dark grey clouds above us, but we didn't get a drop!

You guys were fabulous, enjoy! :)


Hello Again!

Things are changing for Seana McCroddan Photography!

It's time to say goodbye to this beautiful place we've called home for the past two years. We are relocating back to the Northern Virginia/DC area from Colorado Springs within the next two weeks. The change in jobs, quick move, wedding planning, and lavender season is going to make the next few months FLY by for me! But, I have plans to put a lot of time and effort into my photography business during this next year, which means there will be plenty of session times opening up. I am so excited to be back close to my VA/MD clients!! 

As my schedule becomes more concrete, I will be posting more on Facebook and the website. But for now, I will see many of you in June for lavender portrait season!

I haven't been able to say this in a while...SEE YOU SOON! :)


Lavender Season 2016 - Recap

I cannot believe it's March and I STILL haven't posted a recap from our 2016 lavender portrait season!! Shows how busy I've been over the past year!

The Field & Farm portraits were a huge success once again. We had almost 40 sessions in a little over 3 weeks! I shot everything from single portraits, engagements, couples, families and maternity sessions. The weather held up nicely too...only a few summer storms got in our way :)

There were so many great photos, it was so hard to choose which to post! So, here is just a small compilation of some of the terrific sessions we had. Again, a HUGE thank you to all of you who came out, I truly love what I do! Now to prep and plan for this year's lavender season...only two months to go!

See you soon,



The Paint Mines

Well, this state continues to impress me.

I had heard about the Paint Mines a few times since moving to Colorado, and for one reason or another, the trip kept getting pushed back. When I woke up up one morning this week and realized I had nothing on my schedule, I packed up my camera gear on a whim, stuffed a sandwich in my mouth, and drove the hour east toward the park. Before I knew it, I was in the heart of the prairies, or what looked like the middle of absolutely nowhere.

I was the only human being as far as the eye could see. Eerie, yet freeing.

Apparently snow was in the forecast for the evening, so as soon as I pulled up to the park's tiny parking lot and hopped out of my car, I realized I was in for some fun. It was nice and overcast, and nice and freezing. 

Not having planned or given this trip a bit of foresight, I lacked all the necessary clothing to protect me from the intense winds. As I processed the cold, I glanced around the parking lot and realized the only other thing that greeted me was a small unmarked dirt path - without a hint of any sequoia-sized rainbow rocks. As I started to walk, it quickly became apparent that to actually see the rocks, you have to walk quite a ways. And not like, down a few staircases and around a corner, I mean like miles. 

That's a lot of trust for me to put into some dirt when it's that cold.  

But I did. And with no hat, gloves or extra layers, I made sure it was a very fast walk. 

Hill after rolling hill I climbed - the green grass and grey blue skies made it feel more like Ireland than the middle of the United States. I continued on for what seemed like an hour, until finally in the distance, it looked like the path opened up to a sandy beach floor. I felt the first bits of sandy rock beneath my feet and walked through these large burning red bushes, and right on the other side was my first sign of unnaturally vibrant rock. Each turn I made, the colors seemed to become more intense, more prevalent and more inviting. Before I knew it, I was smack in the middle of what looked like an entirely different planet. Pinks and oranges and bright yellows towered over me and created these beautiful intricate layers in the eroded boulders. Everywhere I looked was another impressive combination of color, texture and composition. I spent way longer than I anticipated on my midweek adventure. I wanted to follow every sandy trail around every bend until I saw every last corner of the park.

It is truly a beautiful place, and for those of you who are reading and haven't yet experienced the Paint Mines yourself, I hope my photos do it some justice.

And please, if you visit, be sure to bring a jacket.


Let's Get Personal


This week I have been "getting personal" so new followers have a better idea of who the person is behind Seana McCroddan Photography... more posts on Instagram (@seanamccroddan_photography) so be sure to click "Follow"! :)

For those of you new to the page, I'm Seana (pronounced "Shaw-nuh"... yes, very Irish). I'm 24 and currently living out in the wild, wild west (Colorado Springs, CO) with this handsome man and our rescue pup, Summit. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do post-college, but after a few miscellaneous photo shoots fell into my lap, I realized I LOVED it, so I started up my business and now I am lucky enough to be my own boss and tell the stories of so many wonderful families. I am obsessed with natural light and the changing seasons and the innocent, super sweet nature of the little kids I work with, so I decided a natural light portrait photographer was the perfect fit for me and the business! 

What am I doing when I am not behind the camera? Most likely reading, doodling... aka lounging in my yoga pants... visiting art galleries, hiking up mountains, finding delicious local food (currently on a cheesy gooey nacho tear), visiting with friends at local breweries, flying to and from the East Coast, and chasing Summit pup around the apartment for my missing shoe. It's a good life :)

Now, who are you and what brought you here?? How did you find Seana McCroddan Photography? I'd love to hear your story!

- Seana

Spring Flowers

My upcoming show is titled "May Flowers Bring Art Showers" and I am super excited to be a part of it!

Because I was feeling creative, I wanted to do something different than my typical "go out and shoot some flowers in their natural habitat" thing. So, I went off of the show's play on words of "April Showers Bring May Flowers," and did some foraging. I wanted to use all local and all seasonal flowers to get my desired effect, so it was probably pretty funny for passersby who watched as I traipsed in and out of miscellaneous business's flower beds and pulled buds off of their trees. In the pouring rain, I might add.

Regardless, I found all sorts of textures and beautiful pastel colors. I wanted to use a vessel of some sort that would really make the flowers the focus of the shot. I found this awesome metal tub and tried a variety of different liquids inside for the flowers to float on. I decided to go with white (milk powder!) because it really made the colors POP! It also reminded me of the first snowy winter I experienced here in the Springs, and I thought it was a nice juxtaposition of the season change - winter turning into spring - with the flowers floating atop the white.

As I was working on this project, it took a bit of an emotional turn for me. Having just moved and being stuck in the apartment all winter, I was homesick. As spring approached, I was finally able to start getting outside and doing things I love to do again. While I was collecting all of these flowers, I noticed that I could name every single one of them. All of these flowers and plants I could find back home too.. so those 1,000 miles didn't seem quite so far anymore.

If you are interested in coming to see the show, opening night is on Friday, May 6 from 5-8 p.m. at The Commons Gallery. Me and a lot of other local artists will be there and we'd love to see you!

- Seana

Find Me On Etsy!

Hi everybody,

Today is the day of Seana McCroddan Photography's Etsy launch! Which means... we finally have a presence in the online shopping world! 

While still a work in progress (many more categories and products to come!), I am so excited to be adding another facet to the business. Etsy makes it easy for me to process, manage and fill your orders. And it couldn't be any easier on the consumer side to find your perfect canvas and order it from me and our awesome canvas printing company directly to your door.

For a look at the initial bones of the site, you can visit

Thanks so much, and happy shopping!


Next Round of Photo Shows!


Hello and happy spring!

As many of you know, I typically like my work to depict the changing of the seasons, so it is the perfect time to announce some new seasonal shows that Seana McCroddan Photography will be a part of!

The first show I will be involved in this Spring is titled "May Flowers Bring Art Showers". A collection of artists will be showing at the Commons Gallery this May. The opening reception for this show is on Friday, May 6th from 5-8 p.m., so I hope to see you there!

The second show I have been invited to is Kreuser Gallery's 2017 Invitational titled "Dreamscapes". Details on opening and how I intend to interpret this theme will come later in the year!

I have so many fun ideas for both of these shows. I will be getting a bit out of my typical style for both, so stay tuned!

Canvas Pricing is Finally Here

For those of you who have been following along on my Facebook business page, you know I have been transitioning into providing canvases and prints along with my portrait sessions this year! 

After much research and hard work, I have finally found some professional printing companies that I am happy with. And I now have a complete canvas pricing list up on the website! I will be taking canvas orders for any of my landscape photographs as well as any photos from previous portrait sessions you have had with me. 

Shipping is already included in the pricing - please get in touch if you have any further questions. I will also be adding a pricing guide for prints as soon as I can!

Thanks :)

Canvas Sale!

I can't believe it is the first day of February already!

Now that I have found a professional printing company that I am happy with (and just in time for Valentine's Day) - I am offering free shipping on canvases this week! 

Whether you've been thinking about blowing up a family portrait as a gift or maybe you are looking for the perfect landscape photo to fill some wall space, get in touch! I am flexible with sizing and prices and the canvases are great quality.

For a look at my landscape work available for canvases, visit -

To contact me with any questions or orders -

Thanks everyone!

Canvases - Flurries & Flight

Happy Friday!

As February approaches, my time at Kreuser Gallery is coming to a close. I have a couple canvases left over from my show Flurries & Flight that I wanted to share with you all. If you or someone you know may be interested in a print, or are looking for more information, be sure to get in touch via my Contact page!

Thanks everyone!

Winter Landscapes

I have been stranded on the east coast this week thanks to "Snowpocalypse". And of course, I didn't pack my camera.

So, it seemed appropriate being surrounded by 3 feet of snow, to use this free time to write up a post highlighting some of my most recent winter work. While this was the first large snow storm on the east coast this winter, we have had more than our share of snow in Colorado already. This is my first year being able to experience what snow dustings look like on the red rocks, and it is absolutely beautiful. Such a striking contrast in color. And that is what most of my photos have been focused on. I have also recently been focused on geese and winter flight and was able to put many of these into my first showing at the Kreuser Gallery this month, which was a big milestone for me as an artist.

Here they are! Hope you like them! If you are interested in prints, I still have a few of these on canvas left over from my January show, so be sure to get in touch! :)

Let the Pre-Orders Begin!

It's that time of year again! 

We are now starting to take pre-orders for the Field & Farm portrait sessions at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm this June! Because of the short season and the huge turnout last year, we are expecting spots to fill extremely quickly - so be sure to get in touch with me soon if you need more information or think you want a spot!

For an inside look into last year's Field & Farm sessions, check out-

The Perfect Little Holiday Session

It doesn't happen often that the perfect lighting, color combination and the perfect background come together to make one incredible shoot. But when it does, it makes me all but jump up and down in the middle of the session.

I met this family during my lavender Field & Farm sessions last June, they were actually my very first family of the entire season. While I was prepping for them that morning, I remember feeling so nervous and overwhelmed thinking about the 40-50 sessions I had coming up in just 3 short weeks and how on earth I was going to be able to get through them while keeping my sanity. But they arrived and it went perfectly. D (as I'll call him for confidentiality's sake) was a perfect combination of sweet and hysterical, and his parents were great  they reassured me and rekindled my excitement for the rest of the season without even knowing they did it. And this holiday session with them was no exception.

We decided on Great Falls, MD because of the nice combination of holiday and non-holiday shots we could get from the backgrounds there. It was just the right amount of cloudy and not too terribly cold, and D was dressed in his holiday best. One of the questions I get most often from new clients is what to wear for their sessions, and I think this is a great example of what I typically say. I have found soft, neutrals always tend to work best with my shooting style (because I shoot outside predominately, these colors compliment the natural colors found in nature), but I also say it doesn't hurt to add a pop of color as an accent. Hence how terrific D looked in his plaid pants :)

I actually prefer a couple outfit swaps during a session, even in this 30-minute mini session we had plenty of time for a quick change in the middle. We decided D should wear his cream sweater, brown shoes and red plaid pants to go with the Christmas theme of the holiday shots we took, and then we swapped to a cooler spectrum for our non-holiday shots. It allowed us to get a good range of different looking photos in a short amount of time.

So enjoy! These are some of my very favorites from the session. They put such a big smile on my face every time I look at them! Thanks D and family! :)


Winter Sessions - In Review

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my clients who let me spend a little bit of the holiday season with them this December! We had such a great turnout (almost 15 sessions in less than 2 weeks!) and got some fabulous shots. It was so much fun to have such a variety of locations and types of sessions. You guys rock, and I am already looking forward to photographing on the east coast again this coming June!

Here are a few of my favorites from the past month - enjoy! Also, be sure to keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page for the Field & Farm session sign-up sheet coming out soon!

Thanks again!

Holiday Special!

Even though it's only November, it's never too early to start planning for those holiday cards! I am offering discounted mini and standard portrait sessions in the NOVA/DC Metro area this December - location and session type totally up to you!

*East coast clients - because I am traveling and only able to hold sessions for about a week, be sure to get in touch to snag a spot if interested! 

Looking forward to seeing you all next month! :)

Holiday Ad 2015.jpg